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Русский Институт 22: Медицинское Обследование
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Русский Институт 22: Медицинское Обследование

Russian Institute 22: Medical Exam

Описание "Русский Институт 22: Медицинское Обследование"

The Russian Institute is abuzz with excitement. A young and gorgeously sexy doctor has just joined, and all the female students in uniform can't wait to get to know him. Time for some real competition: it's up to the girls to be as bitchy and flirty as possible to win the young doctor's attention and have their wicked way with him. Longing glances, sensual stripteases, deep throating... There are lots of ways to convince him to give in to temptation. Once in his expert hands, they will undergo a full examination with his stethoscope, hands and fingers, before surrendering themselves to the unadulterated sexual pleasure on offer within the infirmary walls.

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