Дневник Аманды 2
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Дневник Аманды 2

Оригинальное название:

Amanda's Diary 2

Страна: Европа
Время: 01:29:20
Студия: Private
Режиссер: John Millerman
Язык: Оригинал
My Ass is Still Virgin and Waiting for You…
Enjoy the hottest sex experience with England's Amanda and her horny friends.
Amanda, in her first sexual awareness on her 18th birthday, continues seeing sex a something natural, without either taboos or limits. She is learning how not to inhibit her desires and experiment in all possibilities of this new-found world. She loves to record her sexual experiences on tape, and the play them back while she relaxes and watches her "explosive passion" from different angles. She fucks wherever she wants and with whoever she wants, so as to satiate her most intimate pleasures. Don't miss this new story presented by our young Amanda, guided by Private.
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