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Мисти Бетховен: Мюзикл

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Misty Beethoven: The Musical

Страна: США
Время: 02:07:17
Студия: VCA
Режиссер: Veronica Hart
Язык: Оригинал
Veteran performer and director Veronica Hart has re-envisioned the classic tale of Misty in a manner that not even Henry Paris himself would have imagined: As a musical. With original songs performed impeccably by the cast, Misty Beethoven, the Musical challenges the popular notion of "adult entertainment" by combining incredible choreography and witty songwriting with the kind of sexual fireworks fans have come to expect from VCA. But perhaps most importantly, this movie will make you believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that a human penis can not only talk, but belt out one hell of a showtune as well. Indeed, the world as we know it may never be quite the same.
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