Любовь В Бельведере
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Любовь В Бельведере

Оригинальное название:

Love In Belvedere

Страна: Европа
Время: 01:40:23
Студия: Pink'o
Режиссер: Max Bellocchio
Язык: Оригинал
A passionate story of love and betrayal. A married couple decides to take a nice trip through the charming Amalfi Coast, where they can relax for a few days. The little hotel is comfortable and the familiar air immediately puts Juan and Amandha at ease. People from the South of Italy are well-known for their hospitality and warmth. Juan and Amandha will have exciting surprises and transgressive opportunities to escape during what seems to be a normal vacation. A young horsewoman (Alexandra Stein), a charming man, a sexy waitress, and a couple of girlfriends are some of the hotel guests and staff. Twists of fate and the discovery of new pleasures await.
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