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Страна: Европа
Время: 01:32:37
Студия: Pumpkin Films
Режиссер: Phil Barry
Язык: Оригинал
The movie opens with Phil Barry cutting his finger on an electric saw. Jane (presumably meant to be his wife, dressed in jeans and drab green top) goes to fetch the first aid kit in the loft, but a mysterious amulet drops out of the same bin bag as the first aid box. She rubs it and is transported into the foggy night-time countryside. She approaches a mysterious gothic mansion, finds the door open and goes in. Exploring the place she finds a dungeon containing a coffin with the nameplate Cathula. Inside she discovers the sleeping vampire Cathula (Cathy Barry in red and silver vampire outfit). Cathula awakes and bites Jane on the neck. Jane collapses and wakes up dressed in black basque and fishnet stockings to be told she is now Cathy's sex vampire. All ridiculous hokum of course, but as good a justification for lots of sex as any other and better than most.
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