Гламурные Женщины 1
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Гламурные Женщины 1

Оригинальное название:

Glamour Women 1

Страна: Италия
Время: 02:07:35
Студия: Pink’O
Режиссер: Marcus Dolby
Язык: Оригинал
Our sensual and beautiful Alexandra will seduce you. No man can resist her. You will see her in action, our Pink'o girl can always get what she wants. She is so skillful in seducing and she will show it to you with elegance, sex appeal and charm. But if you prefer curvy and tatoo girl you can enjoy the performance on our blond Pink'o girl Jarushka Ross. In case you love Italian beauties, skip to the scene where the gorgeous Valentina Nappi give all herself showing you her unique Italian charm.
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