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Мамы Футболистов

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Private Gold 201: Footballers Moms

Страна: Европа
Жанр: Новинки, Private
Время: 01:59:08
Студия: Private
Режиссер: Paula Newman
Язык: Оригинал
A millionaire has just acquired a soccer club, something her MILF bombshell wife Kayla Green is absolutely happy about. She’ll soon put herself in charge and turn the players into her sex slaves, just check how she gets into a trio that has a DP with two of them! Very soon her friends, bored to death of their husbands, will ask to meet the team: Brittany Bardot pretends to be the new masseuse so she can fuck her favorite boy. Eva Ann and Celine Noiret will also put their seduction tools into action and Lili will join Kayla for the grand finale orgy. Footballer’s Moms is a movie where our MILFS will have their defenses penetrated, even if they are the first to attack.
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