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Спасибо, Президент!

Grazie, Presidente !

Описание: Спасибо, Президент! / Grazie, Presidente !
By forcing the Italian Prime Minister, Nadia Macri became the most famous escort lady in the world. According to her own statement, she was the one that the girls gave him for his "Bunga Bunga" party. In an interview with the famous "TV Bachelor" Fernando Vitale (here as a reporter) she talks about what we always wanted to know about the exciting world of the accompanying service. She talks about her beginnings in this job and her stony way to a luxury escort girl, about the "sexual decay" of the mighty politicians and their wives, diplomatically silent about the sex-affair of their men ... Nadia unveils Mystery after another; Parliament is to tremble! Finally, she shows us, through her own stories, that she is a real bitch and greedily prepares herself for the best piece of the journalist ...
"Спасибо, Президент!" смотреть порно фильм онлайн
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